Wednesday, 24 July 2013

Stone & Rubble Trailers

A new range of heavy duty trailers for moving stone and rubble is now available form Richard Western in 20 and 24 tonne models with three body size options.

These Stone & Rubble Trailers have been designed to handle the tough jobs. The model options have a carrying capacity of 20 or 24 tonnes and are fitted with 10 stud commercial axles with 420mm x180mm brakes on mono leaf spring suspension. The tapered monocoque body has 6mm side panels and 8mm floor and is available in sizes of 8, 9, 12 and 15 cubic metres.

Standard equipment includes a sprung drawbar and a hydraulic up and over tailgate.


Easy Load Livestock Transporter Trailers

A new range of drop bed livestock transporter trailers for transporting all types of farm animals is now available form Richard Western.

The Easy Load Livestock Transporter Trailer is designed so that the bed of the trailer lowers down to the ground by pivoting the axle. Using the tractor hydraulics the axle is returned to the transport position and locked in place for transport.

Size options available for cattle and pig transport.